Taylor World Outreach

With opportunities to take a Lighthouse or Spring Break trip, serve through local ministries, or get involved as a student leader on campus, Taylor encourages students to participate in outreach.

At Taylor, you have the opportunity to deepen your faith and broaden your understanding of what it means to live a purposeful, passionate life for Christ. Taylor World Outreach (TWO) offers students a variety of opportunities to show God’s love to the lost in our community, across the country, and around the globe. We don’t see this mission mindset as separate from what goes on in the classroom, but rather a natural result of the integration of faith and learning.

TWO gives you the opportunity to show God’s love to others and, in turn, grow in your own faith. God doesn’t just work in the lives of those you serve, but will also work in your heart, challenging your beliefs and strengthening your convictions. Whether you serve as a volunteer through local ministries, take a Lighthouse or Spring Break Trip, or become more involved as a student leader, the experience you gain will equip you for a lifetime of service.