Discipleship is the process of partnering with our fellow believers, encouraging and challenging one another in the faith, and reaching for the incorruptible crown that we will ultimately lay at the feet of Jesus (Revelation 4:10-11).

Discipleship is woven into every aspect of life at Taylor.

All students, faculty, and staff profess a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In joining the community, we sign the Life Together Covenant (LTC), a document that outlines the University’s expectations for members of the Taylor community. More than a list of rules, the LTC makes way for raw, honest community and enables true discipleship.

Discipleship happens formally in chapel three times a week and in residence halls where students appointed as Discipleship Assistants (DAs) organize small groups and times of worship for the students on their wings and floors. 

Discipleship happens informally in nearly every other place on campus.

KateBecause every member of the community has professed a relationship with Christ, there is a general belief that everyone is striving to know God better.

This gives students and faculty, alike, a boldness to reach out and challenge each other, to sharpen those around them as “iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17). This happens in the classroom, where faith is integrated regardless of whether or not it’s a Bible class. This happens in the Dining Commons, where conversations flow seamlessly from the trivial to matters of life and death. This happens on athletic fields, where coaches encourage athletes to compete for more than this world’s corruptible crown (1 Corinthians 9:25). This happens in campus activities, ministries, and both academic and mission trips

JordanTaylor exists as an educational institution to prepare young people to reach the world for Christ using whatever gifts and passions God has given them. 

With more than 60 majors in the arts, humanities, sciences, and social sciences, and a foundational core curriculum that ensures all students develop a broad base of knowledge, Taylor educates young people in a faith-based environment in preparation for facing a world marred by sin and in dire need of Christ’s redemptive love and truth.

We’re not saying campus is perfect. We’re not saying the people here don’t have flaws. As Chad Ibach ’14 said, “Discipleship is being able to go through life with the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

We recognize that God meets people where they are, loves them where they are, but calls them—calls us—to something greater, something higher.