As a Taylor student, you will find chapel is great way to connect with fellow students, faculty and staff. Our regular chapel services are held three times a week and, though attendance isn't monitored, students fill Rediger Chapel/Auditorium. They come to worship together and learn from our speakers who come from our own faculty and staff and from all over the world.

Chapel Coordinators assist the Campus Pastor in a leadership role for planning, promoting and conducting public meetings of worship for the Taylor University community. They work to foster spiritual growth in all areas of campus.   

It’s the men and women you live with who encourage attendance and participation not only in chapel, but also in activities the Chapel Coordinators and Campus Pastor help put together on campus. Being an active part of community is what spurs growth. There are many opportunities for you to grow spiritually and relationally with Christ and your peers through Sunday worship and special services.

As you can see, coming together as a student body with faculty and staff to worship our Savior is an integral part of the spiritual life at Taylor.

Frequently asked questions

When is chapel?

Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10-11 a.m. 

Who is speaking at chapel?

You can view information about upcoming chapels on the chapel calendar or use the printable semester schedule.  

Is attending chapel mandatory?

Fellowship, accountability and growth are part of what makes chapel special. Attendance isn't taken, but students still fill the Rediger Chapel/Auditorium three times a week. 

What can I expect when I attend chapel?

You can always expect a full house in Rediger Chapel/Auditorium. Student-led chapel bands lead the body in worship before a speaker comes to the podium. Speakers can be students, faculty and staff from our Taylor community or even someone from across the country or around the world. We encourage you to come experience this for yourself.

Can I watch or listen to chapel online?

There are several ways you can experience Taylor's chapel services.

Where can I get a daily Bible Reading Calendar?

The Campus Ministries Office put together a Daily Bible Reading Calendar to encourage students to systematically engage in the Scriptures everyday.

Would you like to learn more about how you, as a Taylor student, could be a part of leading chapel?

Contact Lori Heath by phone at 765-998-5360 or by email at