Student Organizations 

Joining one of our student organizations is a good way to meet people and build up your resume. One of the main reasons students get involved in campus organizations is to develop leadership skills. At Taylor, students are encouraged to take the lead in a variety of areas and organizations. We base our leadership practices on the biblical model of service and humility. 

The Taylor Student Organization (TSO) offers over 100 diverse student leadership and cabinet positions and experiences on campus. Students are encouraged to plug their gifts and passions into an office and team setting that will cultivate their faith, leadership and calling for service.

Student leaders in TSO work to create excellent programs and provide quality services that build Christian community, explore contemporary issues and popular culture through a Christian worldview, and add to the educational and spiritual environment of campus.

Check out the variety of TSO programs you can be involved in:

Global Engagement

Global Engagement desires to prepare students to work in a multi-cultural environment while serving as part of the global church body.

Multi-Ethnic Student Association

MESA (Multi-Ethnic Student Association offers opportunities to deepen relationships with international students and the rest of campus.

Inter-Class Council

ICC (Inter-Class Council) helps to build Taylor community amongst each graduating class by hosting class events as well as community events that promote fellowship.

Office of Finance

Office of Finance assists TSO cabinets by preparing their budget and payroll as well as helping to wisely plan and spend within their means throughout the year. 

Integration of Faith and Culture

IFC (Integration of Faith and Culture) challenges students to strengthen their commitment to engage, understand, and challenge culture.

Office of the Student Body President

Office of the Student Body President provides leadership for Taylor Student Organization (TSO) and serves as student representatives to Taylor administration.

Leadership Programs

Leadership Programs exist to serve life and leadership scholars, and the student body as they explore their calling in efforts to reach their full potential.

Student Activities Council

SAC (Student Activities Council) creates fun and meaningful activities and events to encourage campus and community involvement.

Media & Marketing Services

Media & Marketing Services informs students and faculty through creative design and marketing skills about events TSO puts on throughout the year.

Student Senate

Student Senate serves as the primary representative body for the students of Taylor University.