Campus Traditions

Taylor has an abundance of campus traditions kept alive by the student body. Whether you're practicing choreography for Airband, heading with friends to Silent Night, or training with classmates for Taylathon, you’ll never be at a loss for something to do.  

Most of these events are student-planned and led. As students work together to build community through shared experiences, they develop skills they take far beyond their four years on campus.

More than a lip-sync contest, Airband pits floors and wings against each other in a competition of song and dance. Songs have ranged from Disney’s Hercules mash-ups to It’s Raining Men (The Weather Girls) and Hey Ya (Outkast).

Silent NightSilent Night
Taylor's biggest basketball game of the year, Silent Night is the last men's game before Finals Week in December. Students dress in PJs and crazy costumes and pack the stadium, remaining completely and utterly silent until Taylor scores its tenth point. Then the crowd explodes with noise. People dress up in crazy costumes or pajamas and get to enjoy an equally crazy half-time show.

Cardboard Boat RegattaCardboard Boat Regatta
During Parents & Family Weekend, put your creativity to the test as you use cardboard, plastic sheets and duct tape to survive a voyage onto Taylor Lake.

First run in 1948, this bike relay race gets team members passing not batons, but the bicycles themselves. Separate races for men and women pits the four classes against each other in an intense competition that couples speed with skill. The goal is to have smooth transitions so the bike never stops, but be careful, it’s not as easy as it sounds: falling on your face hurts.

Envision Film FestivalEnvision Film Festival
A must-see event for movie lovers, Envision is a weekend dedicated to film—the craft and the finished product. Film professionals come to talk about all parts of the film-making process, and student films are screened for the public.

Mosaic NightMosaic Night
Taylor's celebration of our multi-ethnic culture is what Mosaic Night is all about. Students work together to put on all kinds of acts—from Irish Step Dancing to Tae-kwon-do—sharing significant parts of their cultures with the rest of campus.

Wing Traditions like Melon and GourdWing Traditions like Melon and Gourd
Think a game of tag isn’t entertaining? Well, think again! The boys of Third West Wengatz scurry around campus, trying not to get tagged. Crazy stunts, like fake funerals and football players as bodyguards, are made to get the boys into Friday Chapel by 10 a.m. sharp! If they don’t make it or are the last to get tagged, they have to eat a piece of whatever they get stuck with at their annual Oktoberfest pick-a-date. 

Nostalgia Night / My GenNostalgia Night/MyGen
Similar to Airband, but instead of lip-sync groups, students use real instruments and show off real talent. Nostalgia Night showcases songs from before the graduating class was born; MyGen showcases those from after the senior class was born.

Youth ConferenceYouth Conference
Taylor hosts hundreds of high school students for a weekend of worship, guest speakers, and small groups led by Taylor students. A concert by a major Christian Band is usually held on Saturday night. 

Several times each year, floors and wings go on low-key group dates—no pressure attached. Invite a friend of the opposite sex, and go bowling, canoeing, or roller-skating, among other things. Warning: You may have to dress crazy or be handcuffed to your date.