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Calling & Career Office

The Calling and Career Office exists to connect students to people and experiences to equip them to respond faithfully to God’s call.

Calling & Career

Note from the Director

Our staff is steadfastly committed to the development of students as they explore questions of calling and career throughout their time as a student at Taylor University and beyond. The core values of the Calling and Career Office are Imagination, Risk, Collaboration, and Truth. These values animate our mission and serve both internal and external purposes in our work.

Internally, we measure the programs and events provided through our office—from large-scale events to individual student appointments to the extent we use our imaginations, take good risks, collaborate in our daily work, and pursue truth. Our shared work should be marked by these values.

Externally, we communicate these core values as helpful practices for our entire student body as they consider matters of Calling and Career. We encourage students to engage their imaginations in considering God’s calling. We challenge them to take risks in pursuing the highest quality internship and job opportunities. We support them in inviting the voices of others into their exploration through collaboration. Finally, we urge them to pursue the truth about who they are and the contribution God is calling them to make in advancing the Kingdom and the common good.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about our graduate outcomes or the work of our office. We are grateful for feedback as we continue to serve Taylor University in this important work.

Email: callingandcareer@taylor.edu

All the best,
Jeff Aupperle, M.A.
Director of Calling and Career & The Promising Ventures Program
jeffry_aupperle@taylor.edu | 765-998-4553