Entrance to Taylor University

As We Pray Requests 2021


  • Health and well-being (mind, body, and soul) of our students, faculty and staff.
  • Ongoing searches for faculty and staff in the midst of the pandemic.
  • Enrollment for the fall will be strong and that every student who feels God’s call to Taylor will be able to find the necessary support to join the Taylor family.
  • That our faculty will be spiritually rewarded as they serve at Taylor.
  • Peace amidst anxiety over COVID and challenges in higher education.
  • Hiring new faculty who will bring to Taylor a love for their discipline and a passion for teaching in a liberal arts setting.
  • Pray for a unity in the Spirit among our faculty and staff – a shared calling to Taylor’s mission.
  • Students will be committed to learning and growing as disciples of Jesus in mind, body and soul.
  • Wisdom as faculty interact with students and seek Christ-like perspectives and actions during volatile political, social, religious and moral times in our country.
  • Creativity as we work to solve the challenges in Christian higher education.


  • Campus health, in general.
  • Taylor Fund and scholarships.
  • Continuing recruiting efforts for needed Advancement staff.

Enrollment Management

  • Creativity and clarity to communicate to incoming students who have not been able to see or experience residence life in the college search process.
  • Staff energy and health in the midst of COVID-19 protocol weariness and illness.
  • New student college decision-making and onboarding in the midst of COVID-19.
  • Organizational change and personnel transitions as we seek to support students and parents.


  • Pray as we explore a variety of creative ways to close the financial gap between the cost of educating Taylor students and what families are able to afford.
  • Pray for our preparations for Commencement, that plans will go smoothly, that weather will not be a factor, and that everyone who wishes to attend will be able to do so.
  • Pray for our students, who are dealing with not only exhaustion and pandemic fatigue, but sadness. Pray that we can find new and positive ways to help them have fun … together!
  • Pray for faculty, that they would continue to have enthusiasm and energy in the classroom, as they live out academic discipleship under unusual limitations.
  • Pray for our staff—Student Development, Housekeeping, Grounds and Maintenance, Business Office and IT, other operations—that they will know we value and appreciate them and their deep commitment to our mission.

Residence Life

  • We have a number of students who have experienced a loss of a close family member in the past month.
  • The mental, emotional, and physical health of our students.
  • A growth in desire spiritually for our students.

Special Assistant to the President

  • Wisdom as we navigate COVID-19.
  • Wisdom as we look into additional alternative revenue ideas.
  • Success with two grants that are for the ultimate benefit of the Town of Upland.

Student Development

  • Staff care for students during isolation and quarantine. (There are so many variables that can get a student to slip through a large or small crack. It is a challenge to make them feel cared for when are unable to see them face to face. We have some virtual ways to care for students, but it is just not the same.)
  • COVID fatigue for students and employees. 
  • Mental health issues for students - we are seeing an increase in this area.
  • Hiring for student leadership positions for next year. We will be hiring approximately 250 students to fill important roles.
  • Overall campus unity.