Entrance to Taylor University

Prayer Week Host

Taylor University will assist As We Pray hosts by:

  1. Promoting via mail, e-mail, and web the day, time, and Zoom link of your hosted prayer event.
  2. Receiving RSVPs by parents, grandparents, and alumni for your event.
  3. Assisting hosts in any way needed.

As an As We Pray host, we would ask that you:

  1. Identify a day, time and Zoom link for an event to be held during the week of March 15, 2021 to host a gathering of Taylor parents/grandparents for the purpose of prayer and fellowship.
  2. Work with the Senior Director of Parent and Community Relations Joyce Wood, to coordinate the distribution of As We Pray materials and details.
  3. Act as the general host and facilitator of the designated prayer time.


If you have further questions, see our FAQ's or contact parents@taylor.edu.