Frequently Asked Questions

If we agree to host an As We Pray gathering, what do we do next?
Our goal is to provide you with all the support you will need right up to the day of the gathering. After we receive your commitment form, here is what will take place:

  1. The Parent Relations Office will contact you regarding your commitment to host an As We Pray gathering and answer any specific questions. In addition, we’ll be communicating with you throughout the planning time.
  2. Your host location and contact information will be posted on a special Find a Gathering webpage on the Taylor website.
  3. Taylor families will receive a postcard-magnet in January promoting As We Pray and asking them to visit the As We Pray website to find a gathering near them.
  4. Families in your area will RSVP their attendance directly to you (using your preferred method of RSVP: e-mail, phone, etc).
  5. Further promotion of the event will be done by the Parent Relations office through the monthly e-newsletter, Perspectives, and through special As We Pray e-mails.
  6. You will receive a packet of information in February, including things such as a suggested format for the evening, name tags, sign-in sheets, prayer lists, a guide for the prayer time that will be easy to follow and customizable.
  7. We will ask that you mail back to Taylor the gathering sign-in sheet, so that we have a record of who attended.

Where are you looking to host As We Pray gatherings?
We try to offer as many locations as possible. In areas where two families want to host but the Taylor family representation only supports one gathering, we ask for the families to work together and support one gathering. In larger cities, we try to offer multiple locations, dates, and times.

What if we are unsure of the location, date, and/or time, but we would like to host?
On the commitment form there is the option TBD. We will need to know date and time by late January.

How many people will be attending the gathering?
Attendance varies based on your location and the number of families in your area. We have had gatherings that ranged from one guest to 20 guests. Since hosts will be taking RSVPs, the number of people attending is your decision. We will communicate on the As We Pray website if you are no longer accepting RSVPs for your location.

How long will the evening last?
We will send hosts a suggested gathering format – this format has the evening lasting about 60 to 90 minutes with about 15-20 minutes for arrival and fellowship, 5-10 minutes for introductions, 30 minutes for prayer, and 15 minutes for fellowship.

We noticed on the commitment forms that both parents and grandparents were mentioned, why?
It was recommended that we include grandparents and alumni; thus, we invite grandparents and alumni to join the As We Pray gatherings.

Can we send out personal invitations to families in our area?
You are welcome to personally invite families in your area. In prior years, participation did increase for those hosts who sent out personal invitations. Please let the Parent Relations Office know about your interest no later than February 10, and we will send you a list of names and addresses. Contact Joyce Wood, Senior Director of Parent and Community Relations, with any questions.

Do we need to provide refreshments?
Offering refreshments is your choice, but we are not asking that they be offered.

What materials is Taylor providing for the guests?
We will provide you and your guests with As We Pray nametags and a list of prayer requests.