Parent Resources

Welcome to the Taylor University family! As a parent or family member of a Taylor student, we automatically recognize you as a part of Taylor’s extended family - more than 15,000 mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, and guardians. The university acknowledges the unique partnership that we have with parents and family members. You have worked hard to help develop your student for this next phase of life – college. We believe that it is by partnering together that we can best encourage your student in his or her educational, personal, and spiritual development. Many offices across the campus relate to parents and family members. This information is provided by Parent and Community Relations.

  • Parent & Family Relations

    Taylor offers many parent programs, including Parents Council, As We Pray, Grandparents Day, and Homecoming and Family Weekend.

  • Academic Information

    Academic Advising
    Every student entering Taylor University is assigned an advisor. Students who have declared a major will be assigned a faculty advisor in their major area of study. Students who are undecided will be assigned an academic advisor in the Academic Advising Office ( AAO). Students are required to meet with their assigned faculty/AAO advisor prior to registering for classes. The role of the advisor is to assist students through planning their academic program. For more information about academic advising, please contact Trina Hartman, Director of Academic Advising.

    Academic Enrichment Center
    The Academic Enrichment Center provides services to any student, and strongly encourages a student to contact the AEC if he/she:

    • Has any type of disability
    • Needs to meet Taylor's math or reading proficiency
    • Is struggling academically in any course
    • Needs help with writing skills
    • Would like to sign up for a tutor
    • Desires to be a tutor

    Students with disabilities who wish to receive support should contact Ken Taylor, Director of Retention & Coordinator of Academic Support Services. For any other information, please contact Dr. Scott Gaier.

    TOWER Proxy
    TOWER Proxy provides parents secure online access to their student’s academic records. Parents may receive access to the following by being granted permission by their student to access TOWER Proxy.

    • Academic and financial holds
    • Unofficial transcript
    • Midterm and final grades
    • Class schedule

    Access TOWER Proxy

    Learn more about TOWER Proxy

    Technology assistance
    Client Services provides technology support to Taylor faculty, staff, students, administration, and guests. Current students receive free email/phone/walk-up support for those technology issues most often faced by students. This includes connection of personal computing devices to Taylor’s network and access to Taylor academic resources such as Blackboard, myTAYLOR, and TOWER. Help is available inside the Technology & Learning Connection on the main level of Zondervan library or by visiting the Client Services support website at For phone support, contact Client Services at (765) 998-4040 or toll-free at (866) 694-1385.

    Computer Purchasing
    Taylor's network is based on the Windows Server environment. For the reason, Windows-based computers offer a more seamless user experience. However, students using Macintosh and Linux-based computers have access to all the academic resources required to complete their degree. For more information on PC recommendations, printing, and other technology questions refer to Client Services.

    Grade Reports
    Taylor Online Web Enabled Records ( TOWER) provides students secure online access to their academic records, including grades, unofficial transcripts, and course registration. Mid-term grades are only entered if they are below a C-. Mid-term grades are not recorded on the student's permanent record in anyway. Grades will not be mailed to degree-seeking students.

    Student Records/Privacy Act
    In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), Taylor University has established guidelines regarding access to and release of educational records. In short, FERPA allows Taylor to release "directory information" without the consent or knowledge of the student, unless the student has notified Taylor in advance that such information is not to be released. Directory information may include the following:

    • Photo
    • Name
    • Address
    • Telephone listing
    • E-mail address
    • Date and place of birth
    • Field of study
    • Grade level
    • Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
    • Weight and height of members of athletic teams
    • Dates of attendance
    • Degrees, honors, and awards
    • Most recent previous education
    • Enrollment status

    Parents need to be aware that their student's directory information is not available to them if the student has requested it not to be disclosed by requesting "Privacy." Other information about the students, such as class schedule, grades, and student account balance is NOT available to parents unless the student has signed a FERPA release form and has it on file in the Office of the Registrar.

    Class standing/Graduation Requirements/GPA Schedule
    To graduate, a student must earn a minimum of 128 degree-applicable hours, including all foundational core and major requirements; also included is a minimum of 42 upper division credit hours. Class Standing is based on the total number of hours a student has completed.
    Grade point average is calculated by dividing quality points by GPA hours. Grade point hours include only Taylor University courses taken for a grade. Major and minor must be completed with a minimum grade of C-.

  • Residence Life

    Residence Life is a defining characteristic of the Taylor University experience. Each residence hall program is purposefully integrated among classes, major of study, and co-curricular interests. Additionally, each living unit has at least one trained upperclassmen serving as a Personnel Assistant (PA) who provides oversight for the educational, spiritual, and social climate of their living unit. Each of these PAs are supervised by a highly-trained Residence Hall Director who is a member of the Student Development staff.

  • Campus Life

    Life Together Covenant
    Taylor's Life Together Covenant is a document that provides structure for living in such a community. The purpose of this covenant is to identify the expectations for participation that will assist us in living together and meeting our institutional objectives. This document asks each member, faculty, staff, and student alike, to put the needs of the community ahead of personal desires. The desire is for all individuals in the community to be edified, bear with one another, speak the truth in love, and give attention to reconciliation, restoration, and restitution.

    Office of Intercultural Programs
    The Office of Intercultural Programs is dedicated to honoring God by meeting the individual needs of international students, American ethnic students, missionary kids (MKs), and third culture kids (TCKs) at Taylor University.

    New Student Orientation
    All incoming students are welcomed into the Taylor community through intentional experiences. Summer orientation provides all matriculated students and their parents an introduction to community life and a chance to meet administrators, faculty, staff, and student leaders. Welcome Weekend begins the year with social events and informative activities. Each transfer student and freshmen is placed in a small group led by upper-class student leaders. The freshmen small groups continue to meet as part of the IAS 101 class during the first half of the fall semester. Through class lectures and small groups, relevant topics are discussed to assist with the transition to college life and to provide a support network of assimilation into the Taylor community. For more information, please contact Shawnda Freer, Director of First Year Experience.

    Campus ministries
    Chapel meets each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Chapels are available to watch or listen to online.

    Student Publications and Media
    Students with writing abilities, photographic skills, or artistic skills may use them in the production of these student media:

    • Subscribe to The Echo
      The Echo is a weekly newspaper with news, editorials, photographs, and features. You can keep up with issues and events on campus by ordering a subscription to The Echo or reading the condensed online version.
    • Parnassus
      Parnassus is an annual literary magazine that feature original art and writing by students and faculty.
    • Ilium
      The Ilium is the student-produced yearbook, which utilizes photography and copy to communicate an overview of Taylor's school year.
    • Envision Productions & MC7
      Envision Productions is the in-house production that prouces chapels and live programming "MC7" (Taylor's cable channel 7), as well as a variety of edited video projects.
    • WTUR
      With an online radio station, students can gain experience by joining the management team or hosting a weekly music program.

    Intercollegiate Athletics
    Taylor University is affiliated with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and is a member of the NAIA Great Lakes Region and the Crossroads League. The football team is a member of the Mid-states Football Association. Taylor University varsity sports include men's baseball, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's cross country, men's football, men's and women's golf, men's and women's soccer, women's softball, men's and women's tennis, men's and women's track, and women's volleyball.

    Taylor Student Organization & Taylor World Outreach
    Student ministries emphasize practical experience in ministry and leadership. Taylor World Outreach ( TWO) is the department through which this is accomplished. The Taylor Student Organization ( TSO) complements the University's overarching goals in two distinct way: First, TSO provides hands-on leadership and experiences for almost 100 students every year. Each student is hired into a position in which their faith, character, passions, and leadership skills are stretched and developed. For more information please contact Steve Austin, Director of Student Programs.

  • Campus Resources

    Campus Store/Bookstore

    The Taylor University Campus Store, located in the Student Union Building, is operated by Tree of Life Bookstores. The Campus Store offers TU apparel, classroom and residence hall supplies, snacks, and dry cleaning services. Students are always guaranteed the right textbook for TU classes. The Campus Store offers book buyback at the end of each semester and J-term. 

    Taylor Campus Store hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday during the school year.

    Visit the Campus Store's website.

    Calling and Career Office
    Taylor students graduate with the latest information and abilities, but the experience is not just job-training. Rather, it aims at whole person development, attending not only to career, but also developing their God-given gifts and abilities. The resources the Calling and Career Office provides can help position the student in the appropriate major respective to their desired career, as well as position them competitively in the marketplace through workshops, industry-specific résumé help, mock interviews, job fairs, networking services, and assessment tools. It also provides them with the most current opportunities, research, and advice and serves as a bridge with Taylor's rich network of caring alumni, parents, and friends who can provide them with experienced counsel and crucial connections. For any further information or questions, please contact the Calling and Career Office.

    Food Services
    Taylor provides an excellent food service program for all students through Creative Dining Services. All resident student participate in a meal plan of 15 or 20 meals per week. Students live off-campus have the option of 7, 10, 15, of 20 meals per week. The Hodson Dining Commons is able to handle special dietary needs, as well as provide sack or take-out meals to students to attend a meal.

    Guest meals costs:
    $6.00 - Breakfast
    $8.00 - Lunch
    $9.00 - Dinner & Sunday Lunch

    The LaRita Boren Campus Center serves as a secondary dining option to those whose schedules conflict with DC hours or those using Dining Dollars, which are provided with every meal plan. It serves faculty, staff, students, and area patrons.

    Care Packages
    The Student Union Grille provides parents with the Taylor University Care Package program. This program allows parents to send their student treats while away from home. If you have a question you can call 765-998-4678.

    Campus Post Office
    The campus address should follow this format:
    Student's Name (Please do not use nicknames)
    Taylor University
    Residence or Off Campus Housing
    236 W. Reade Ave
    Upland, IN 46989-1001

    The Campus Post Office offers mail forwarding for first class mail during summer months. Express mail, UPS deliveries, and freight shipments are also available. Please remember the Campus Post Office is closed on Saturdays.

    Zondervan Library
    The goal of the Zondervan Library is to facilitate opportunities for students to discover, connect, and learn.

  • Health and Safety

    Campus Police
    The Taylor University Police Department complies with the training standards established by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990. The Chief of Police and the Taylor University Police Department work in a collaborative fashion with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of the campus community. The police department also provides other services in the areas of University motor vehicle pool scheduling, identification card production, lost and found, facility security, emergency telephone monitoring, crime prevention seminars, self-defense/personal safety instructional classes, motor vehicle registration, campus escorts, and parking enforcement. For further information, please contact the Taylor Police Department.

    Student Vehicle Policy
    First-time, full-time freshman students who have been out of high school less than one year, or transfer students with less than 12 credit hours, are not permitted to have vehicles on campus until after Thanksgiving break. For students entering Taylor University at Interterm or spring semester, vehicles are not permitted until after Spring Break.
    Personal exceptions may be granted for the following reasons:

    • A medical or dental condition that requires frequent appointment with a doctor or health professional
    • Employment off-campus (must provide proof of employment and schedule of hours)
    • Illness of a family member or extenuating circumstances that may require a student to go home on an emergency basis
    • In rare instances, if a student needs the vehicle to get home for Thanksgiving break the student should indicate that there is no other means of transportation available to get home.

    To gain permission to use a vehicle for one of the above purposes, students must e-mail a request to Jeff Wallace. Reviews will be done by the Chief of Police. All students must register their vehicles within 72 hours of the vehicle being on campus. The fee for a student's motor registration is $25.

    Emergency Text Alert System
    The Emergency Text Alert System is used to immediately notify students and employees of impending life-threatening or life-altering situations. The system, named TU Alert, can send text messages to call phones and email messages to Taylor student and employee accounts. Signing up for TU Alert is done online. Look for the TU Alert Student sign up link under the student tab of myTAYLOR.

    Student Health Care
    Taylor University Student Health Services are provided through Marion General Hospital.

    Student Health Insurance
    Taylor University has discontinued offering student health insurance as a result of the federal PPACA legislation. Read this statement for more information about this decision and how to proceed if your student is not already covered by health insurance.

    Counseling Center
    The Counseling Center provides individual counseling, pre-marital counseling, support groups, educational seminars, residence hall presentations, and consultation services. These services are strictly confidential and free to all university students. For more information please contact the Counseling Center.

  • Financial Information

    Bursar Office
    The Bursar Office is responsible for ensuring that student accounts are accurate and paid in a timely manner. Due to federal regulations and the desire of Taylor to assist each student in his or her personal growth, all Bursar's Office correspondence is sent directly to the student. It is the student's responsibility to work out payment issues with his or her parents or guardians. Students can authorize an additional parent/guardian to receive e-billing by authorizing this access through myTAYLOR.

    Federal Work Study
    Federal work study earnings are paid directly to the student through payroll. It is generally recommended that students use their earnings for their miscellaneous and personal expenses and not for tuition payment due each semester. If a student wishes to apply work study earning to a student account, the student may contact the Bursar to enroll in the student payment plan.

    Student Employment
    There are approximately 900 students employed on campus each year. Hiring begins in the spring for the following fall. This means there are fewer positions posted in the fall; so, it is critical for students to begin their job search immediately. Students eligible for federal work study are given first priority for employment.

    Student Health Service Fee
    The $72 Health Service Fee is mandatory for full-time students. It cannot be waived unless a student is married, commuting from his or her parents' home, or living outside the Upland area for student teaching. Eligible students can request that the Health Service Fee be waived by contacting the Bursar's Office. Taylor University does not offer student health insurance.

    Financial Aid
    It is the goal of the Financial Aid Office to help you and your student understand the financial aid process and how it is tied to government and to University guidelines. All routine communications from the financial aid office, including additional information, documentation requests and award letters, are sent to the student’s campus email and the parent e-mail address on file. If the parent does not have an active e-mail account, the student should forward the information to the parent. Student financial aid information, including requested documentation and award information is available online 24/7. Paper copies, however, are not sent via mail. Parents must access My Financial Aid (MYFA) online at to view their student’s award package. Students can access MYFA through the Taylor Portal – myTAYLOR – by clicking on the Financial Aid icon in the upper right hand corner.

    1. Visit MYFA.
    2. Enter Taylor University Student ID number (include the @ sign).
    3. Enter the Pin (first eight digits of the student’s Social Security Number).

    For questions regarding MYFA e-mail, call 765-998-5358, or fax 765-998-4910.
    For any further information or questions about financial matters, please contact the Bursar's Office.

    Tuition Online Payment
    Complete student account information is available on a secure online site, including current billing and monthly statements. Taylor University has contracted with an outside company (TouchNet) to provide this service. Payments can be made online by e-check or credit card (Discover, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express). There is no cost to pay by e-check, but credit cards incur a convenience fee. The secure TouchNet student account site can be reached by students through the University portal – myTAYLOR. Students can authorize additional TouchNet users – allowing the authorized user to view statements and to make payments. To authorize an additional user, students must:

    1. Access the Bursar Office Billing Statements under Quick Links on myTAYLOR.
    2. Choose the authorize user tab and enter the correct e-mail address for the parent or other authorized user.

    The newly authorized user will then receive an e-mail notice with the link and password for the TouchNet site. The username is the authorized user’s e-mail address as entered by the student.

    For questions regarding TouchNet Student Account billing, e-mail or call 765-998-5123.

    Access TouchNet Online Billing and Statement System.

  • Taylor Leadership

    Part of Taylor's leadership is made up of the University Cabinet.

    Dr. Tom Jones is dean of the School of Humanities, Arts and Biblical Studies, which includes the departments of Art, Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries, Communication, English, History, Global & Political Studies, Film & Media Production, Modern Languages, Music, Theatre & Dance, and Philosophy.

    Dr. Grace Miller is dean of the School of Natural and Applied Sciences, which includes the departments of Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Computer Science & Engineering, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Kinesiology, Physics & Engineering, and Public Health.

    Dr. Rhoda Sommers is dean of the School of Social Sciences, Education and Business, which includes the departments of Business, Education, English Language Teaching, Psychology, Social Work, and Sociology.

  • University Calendar

    The Academic Calendar provides details of different events and breaks throughout the academic year. The full University Calendar will include many more details about things happening around campus that might interest you.

  • About Your Student

    Tips for Parents of New Students

    • Understand that the first few weeks or months may be rough on you and your student. Your student is experiencing a lot of changes in his or her life. Expect a period of adjustment. Be supportive.
    • Pray for your student daily.
    • Encourage your student to get to know a diverse group of people. Taylor University students have the opportunity to meet students from all
    • over the world.
    • Encourage your student to become involved in activities. Involvement will allow your student to grow academically and socially and help him or her identify with a smaller group on campus.
    • Consider the calendar your student is experiencing. The first week of school, midterms, and final exam week can create a lot of stress. Your encouragement can be especially important at these times.
    • Listen to your student and wait to offer advice. Students often call home to “vent” and need their parents to listen to their problems, not solve them. Ask open-ended questions that help your student discover a solution on his or her own.
    • Show your support and encouragement and emphasize that you are confident that your student can make the right choices. Your student will develop more independence and maturity from making his or her own decisions and his or her own mistakes.
    • Carefully decide when to intervene on behalf of your student. College students are in the process of becoming adults - you don’t want to risk implying that your student can’t manage without your help.
    • Visit your student – but please, no surprises. Homework, jobs, and social activities tend to fill up a student’s schedule. Allow your student time to plan ahead.
    • Come to Homecoming and Family Weekend! It’s a great chance to see your student all settled into his or her life at Taylor. Let your student take the opportunity to teach you something new, a bit of a role-reversal.
    • Don’t be surprised if your student expresses an interest in changing majors. Your student will be exposed to a variety of academic areas and career possibilities, especially during the first year. As your student discovers new opportunities, his or her focus may change.
    • Inspire your student by showing interest in what he or she is learning. Demonstrate the joy of being a lifelong student.
    • Talk about money with your student. Mutually understood budgets will help your student with spending and saving expectations. Make it clear if you are expecting your student to work part-time to help meet college costs.
    • Don’t make assumptions about breaks and where your student will spend them. Your student may wish to return home for breaks or vacation, or he or she may want to spend time with college friends. Clearly communicate any family expectations regarding holidays and vacations well in advance.
    • As a university student, your son or daughter will be accustomed to a certain amount of personal freedom and may expect the same degree of independence at home. Your student will feel more positive about spending time at home if you work together to make adjustments to family rules when he or she comes home.
    • Give your student a tremendous amount of grace and always lots of love!

    If your student is having a difficult time

    • Try not to panic; it’s common for students to go through highs and lows during college years.
    • Students are more likely to share their lows with you, their parents, because they feel safe and secure with you. Students don’t always call back to say everything is better.
    • Encourage your student to seek the advice of a Personnel Assistant (PA), Residence Hall Director (RD), academic advisor, or a professor.
    • Encourage your student to stick it out, at least until the end of the semester.
    • Remember that lack of sleep, anxiety about exams or papers, and even developing friendships can be seasonal and may improve with time.
    • If you are really concerned about your student’s health or mental well-being, encourage him or her to go to the  Health Center or  Taylor Counseling Center.
    • If you suspect your student is in a serious crisis and may need intervention for his or her own safety, immediately contact the student’s  Residence Director or  Campus Police.
  • Visiting Taylor & Upland

    Taylor University, Upland, and the surrounding area provide lodging, banking, shuttle, postal, and other services. There is also an abundance of churches in the area.

If there is anything you need more assistance with or have questions about, please contact the Office of Parent Relations.

Office of Parent Relations
Taylor University
236 W Reade Ave
Upland, IN 46989-1001

Phone: (800) 882-3456 or (765) 998-5170
Fax: (765) 998- 4850