A Christian Liberal Arts University, Est. 1846

Information Technology Department


Information Technology is led by its administrative staff, who offer us strategic direction and who coordinate the efforts between our various other teams. Each of those teams has a special focus. Academic Technology is primarily responsible for supporting faculty and students in the use of technology for pedagogy and learning. User Services has a broader role in support, diving less deeply into academic software and hardware, but helping everyone at the university bridge what they’re doing with the technology they need to do it. Enterprise Infrastructure Services is concerned with the networks, server, telephony and other technology behind the walls and behind the scenes – the tech that keeps you running and keeps you safe. Enterprise Applications works with major, enterprise-level software and Enterprise Data Systems works on our high-level information systems, giving the University the tools it needs to work effectively and work together.

Teams aren’t everything, though. More often than not, the day-to-day work of IT is done by functionally-oriented working groups. For instance, network-based printers are supported by staff from both User Services and Enterprise Infrastructure Services. Business reporting relies on data warehouse work by Enterprise Data Systems that runs on servers maintained by Enterprise Infrastructure Services. Software like Blackboard is supported by some staff in Academic Technology, as well as by some in Enterprise Applications. When it comes down to it, we’re not so worried about our organizational structure. We’re more interested in helping you with the technology you need to do your job, teach your classes, or engage in your studies.

IT Staff

Administrative Staff
  • Rob Linehan, Chief Information Officer
  • Kim Johnson, Information Technology Office Coordinator
Academic Technology
  • T. R. Knight, Director of Academic Technology and Associate CIO
  • Deb Hatland, Academic Technology Specialist
  • Beth Kaylor, Academic Technology Coordinator
  • Tony Wormgoor, Academic Technology Specialist
  • Tim Ziegler, Academic Technology Specialist
Enterprise Applications and Data Systems
  • Rod Eib, Director of Enterprise Systems
  • Corey Cooper, Associate Director of Enterprise Systems
  • Mark Lora, Manager of Enterprise Data Systems
  • Meghan Corduan, Keycard Specialist
  • Carl Daudt, Enterprise Systems Analyst
  • Curtis Garr, Keycard Technician
  • Melissa Garr, Enterprise Systems Analyst
  • Dan Rickner, Systems Administrator / Database Analyst
  • Ben Roller, Analyst / Developer
  • Ann Winans, Analyst / Developer
  • Scott Wohlfarth, Lead Systems Administrator / Database Administrator
  • Rachel Bird, Web Developer/Analyst
Enterprise Infrastructure
  • Steve Elwood, Director of Enterprise Infrastructure Services
  • Steve Olsen, Telecommunications Services Manager
  • Brent Gerig, Infrastructure Systems Analyst
  • Tim Jahr, Infrastructure Systems Analyst
  • Elisa Dinsmore, Infrastructure Network Analyst
  • Matt McIlrath, Communication Systems Analyst
Media Services
  • Jon Ochs, Director of Media Services
  • Brad Adams, Media Services Technician
  • Peter Bryant, Media Services Coordinator
  • Michael Fletcher, Media Services Lead Analyst
User Services
  • Nick Corduan, Director of Users Services
  • Geri Bradford, Help Desk Technician
  • Terry Davis, Technology Services Analyst
  • Jason Everroad, Technology Services Specialist
  • Katie Marvel, Technology Services Technician