A Christian Liberal Arts University, Est. 1846

Enterprise Infrastructure

The technology on your desk or in your classroom – the information systems that you depend on – none of that can operate without a secure, reliable infrastructure. IT staff in Nussbaum and Ayres focus particularly on this work:

  • Internet connectivity for the university.
  • A fast, reliable wired and wireless network.
  • Safety measures between the internet and the network.
  • Servers that are stable, high-performing, and as cost-effective as possible.
  • Telephony and voicemail for all faculty and staff.
  • Campus cable.
  • Digital signs, and more.

Part of maintaining such an infrastructure is managing access to it. The Information Technology department has implemented a network registration system to ensure that every device that connects to our network is granted the access it needs – but no more than it needs. This helps everyone’s computers and data stay safe!

A high quality IT infrastructure also includes both business continuity and disaster recovery. Information Technology backs up all data stored on Taylor’s servers and even backs up many of the servers themselves. One cycle of backup tapes are even stored off-site in a secure vault! We are also exploring the possibility of high-level BCDR through partnership with a more robust off-site backup solution.

The folks who establish and maintain the University’s IT infrastructure are also generally in the best position to be the first response if there is any security threat. They engage outside agencies to regularly audit our security to prevent such threats – but they are also equipped with the tools and strategies to quickly respond if there ever were a compromise.