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Being His Hands and Feet

Taylor University’s national- and state-accredited Education programs seek to develop competent, caring, and reflective teachers who are prepared for both local and global service. We offer license-track degrees in Elementary Education and Secondary Education, and a degree in Educational Studies for those who love education but don’t want to be a licensed classroom teacher. All of our Education majors will learn to make professional decisions, plan engaging instruction, interact with learners, and create stimulating learning environments.

Our freshmen Education majors are placed in local schools right away, giving our students more hours in the Indiana classrooms than many other university education programs. Local and international practicums allow students to observe classroom behaviors, assist teachers, and begin putting education theories into practice. Elementary and Secondary Education majors will build upon these short-term practicums with student teaching opportunities during their senior years.

Setting the Example

Our dedicated faculty don’t merely tell you how to be a teacher—they set examples for how to be engaging teachers and provide opportunities for you to gain several interactive teaching experiences. Not only do the professors practice an open-door policy to encourage students to stop by and chat about their lives, but the Education professors also host events and meals in their homes—creating a family atmosphere. They hope to personally see every student grow mentally and spiritually as well as professionally.

Teaching Around the World

Since 1962, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, now the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), has accredited the Taylor University Education program. This means you have an opportunity to find work almost anywhere after graduation, from Indiana to India.

The Education department has global connections for students interested in teaching overseas. As an Education major, you can find stretching experiences that will test your teaching abilities across borders by student teaching in locations like Ecuador, the Bahamas, the Philippines, Mexico, and Belize.

Any student interested in staying stateside but transferring his or her Indiana teaching license to another U.S. state can speak with our Director of Teacher Certification for advising. Indiana has reciprocity with 46 states, allowing our students to smoothly transfer their licenses.

From Student to Teacher
  • Alspaugh-Hodson Family Scholarship: must be an Indiana resident and full-time student majoring in Education, eligible for need-based aid, and have a personal relationship with Christ
  • Halbrook Freedom Scholarship: for students interested in entrepreneurship, education, media, and government, who grasp the essentiality of, and strive to uphold, the enduring principles of the United States of America
  • Art Scholarship: for declared Art or Art Education majors
Career Opportunities

With a success rate of 98%, Taylor Education students should have no trouble finding post-graduation jobs, internships, or graduate school placements. Education majors have many career options—from camp director to in-class teacher to missionary. Taylor’s Bachelor’s in Education degrees also will prepare interested students to enter graduate school.

Most of our graduates are teaching in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan, though some alumni teach outside of the Midwest in Colorado, Texas, Kentucky, and Arizona, among other states. An increasing number of our graduates are teaching abroad. We have sent Education graduates to the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Ghana, the United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Bolivia, and many others.

Learn more about Taylor University’s Education philosophy.

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