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Christian Foundation

Our Christian faith grounds everything we do. In the classroom, faith and learning are seamlessly integrated. Outside of class, opportunities to deepen your faith are all over campus. From chapel and hall small groups to leadership seminars and thoughtful conversations, you are challenged to develop your faith and put it into action beyond Sunday morning worship.

Academic Excellence

Because all truth is God's truth and all of life is an opportunity to worship, we take our studies seriously. Taylor's professors (representing more than 50 majors) are dedicated to helping you achieve excellence in and out of the classroom. You will be challenged to strengthen and broaden existing knowledge while stepping out of your comfort zone to understand new concepts and ways of thinking.

Discipleship Community

All Taylor students, faculty, and staff profess faith in Christ. This allows a general expectation that everyone in the Taylor community is striving to know God better. As a result, discipleship takes place in chapel, classrooms, residence halls, athletics, and through various activities and organizations all over campus.