Systems Curriculum

What are systems?

“Systems” is not another word for programming or information technology. A system is a complex arrangement of parts forming a whole that convert inputs to valuable outputs. There are educational systems, cardiovascular systems, transportation systems, supply chain systems, and many more.

Systems people have an analytical mind and are skilled in problem solving and systems thinking. They use their skills in health care, businesses, manufacturing, education, government, and virtually every economic sector. Taylor systems graduates work at places like Accenture, Vera Bradley, Rockwell-Collins, and Wal-Mart Corporate. They work on systems in areas like distribution, logistics, customer service, design, communication, and others. Our graduates – whether they studied Art, Mathematics, Psychology, Philosophy, Christian Ministries, or other fields – have discovered that a strong liberal arts education coupled with strong systems know-how is highly marketable.

Are you interested in learning more? Check out the systems curriculum, and schedule a campus visit so you can experience the Taylor community for yourself.

Taylor University also offers a Systems Engineering major for students with a particular interest in increasing productivity by improving processes, management of people, methods of business organization, and technology.

Systems news

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