Human Performance Lab

Human Performance Lab PhotoThe 900+ square foot Human Performance Laboratory is in the Eichling Aquatics Wing (EAW) and was designed to integrate teaching and research. The laboratory is used for various classes and also serves as home to student and faculty research.


The primary instrumentation and equipment in the laboratory includes:

  • Resting and stress EKG systems
  • Exercise and resting metabolic assessment
  • Lactate analyzer
  • Pulmonary function testing equipment
  • Diagnostic ultrasound
  • Physical activity assessment equipment
  • Customized gravity independent inertial flywheel leg press machine
  • Customized knee extension machine with photogate for assessing quadriceps muscle strength and power
  • Wingate anaerobic testing cycle ergometer
  • Standard treadmill
  • Free weights
  • Agility equipment
  • Medicine balls
  • Timing gate for sprint work
  • Lode Corival electrically braked cycle ergometer
  • Hydrostatic weigh chair for body composition assessment in the adjacent pool

Eichling Aquatics Wing

Eichling Aquatics WingThe Eichling Aquatics Wing has a two-lane lap pool, two changing rooms, a Human Performance Lab, six faculty offices and two large classrooms. Students will be able to use the pool for athletic training, along with taking beginning swimming classes, lifeguard training, water aerobics and water safety instructor courses. The pool is also used for rehabilitation purposes, and is open for general student use. Pool membership is offered to faculty, staff and spouses. Limited memberships are available to members within the Upland and surrounding communities. To get more information regarding membership, contact the KSAC office, or Brad Bowser at (765) 998-4739 or

Fitness Center: “The Well”

Fitness Center - "The Well"

Welcome to the Taylor University Fitness Center known as "The WELL." The name for our fitness facility was selected based upon chapter four in the book of John, where Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well. The woman came to attend to a physical need and while there, her physical need was met along with a spiritual need.

It is our hope you may receive a spiritual benefit, as well as meeting your physical needs upon using The WELL. The back of the welcome banner above the control desk bears the two words stewardship/ownership. We believe God gave us our bodies but He retains ownership. Our responsibility is to be a good steward of that gift, and care for our body not only for our personal gain but also for God's glory. The WELL exists to help members of the Taylor community fulfill that stewardship responsibility.

Fieldhouse & Indoor Track

Fieldhouse & Indoor TrackThe Fieldhouse contains four regulation size basketball courts, each with unique features. Surrounding the courts is a beautiful 200-meter track lined for competitive use. The track is compliant with competitive intercollegiate regulations, containing regulation sprint lanes, pole vault capability and a long jump pit.