Faith and Learning

At Taylor, Christian faith is infused into the study of every subject and discipline. In every academic effort, we seek to understand more about our Creator, His creation, and our place in God's plan of redemption.

Spiritual Foundation

Because the only fountain of knowledge is God Himself (Prov. 1:7), all Taylor students take a series of classes devoted to learning about God—through the Bible, Christian history, and Christian doctrine. At the heart of these classes is a desire to know truth by gaining a better understanding of the God who is truth (John 14:6).

These foundational classes pave the way for meaningful discussions about life, humanity, and the world's brokenness. Students are encouraged to ask difficult questions and trust that God has blessed the pursuit of truth.

Liberal Arts Requirements

Loving the Lord with all our minds (Matt. 22:37) means we don't limit ourselves to one area of study. We engage with all disciplines—not just those around which we plan to build our careers.

The liberal arts provide a breadth of knowledge necessary for facing a shifting future. Designed to give students a broader view of the world, our liberal arts requirements enable students to make connections between disciplines and gain an understanding of how the world fits together. Throughout, students develop valuable skills in areas including critical thinking, communication, and problem solving.

Major Studies

Being salt and light to the world (Matt. 5:13-16) requires our relationship with God to influence every part of our lives. Integrating faith into major studies, Taylor helps students learn ways their talents and passions may fit into God's plan for the world.

Students are challenged to understand subject matter deeply and reflect on what they're learning in light of Christ's work on the cross.

Students learn that their faith is not separate from their field. Regardless of discipline, they can honor God with the work they do in the classroom and—after graduation—wherever they are in the world.

What Makes Taylor, Taylor?