At Taylor University, we are all here to serve: first our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and then all in our community, including you!

View Taylor University’s collection of historical documents and records.

Billing & ProcessingBilling & Processing
Find out more about the payment and billing process at Taylor.

Conference Services
Learn about accommodations and services available for summer groups.

Campus StoreCampus Store
Purchase books, Taylor apparel, school supplies and other necessities.

Counseling CenterCounseling Center
Schedule a counseling session through Taylor’s counseling program.

Emergency & Health ServicesEmergency & Health Services
Taylor’s on-campus police department and Upland’s Health & Diagnostic Center provide emergency care and assistance.

Camp and Conference ServicesHuman Resources
Looking for employment at Taylor University? Check out job postings and other information.

Information Technology
Learn more about the Technological services Taylor provides.

Students Consumer Information
Up to date information about Taylor’s policies and institutional statistics.

Zondervan LibraryZondervan Library
Take advantage of the Zondervan Library’s recourses and academic enrichment services.